Introducing Genesis: Blockchain Testing Network

The Whiteblock team is very excited to announce the beta release of Whiteblock Genesis, our blockchain testing platform and framework.

Our Software-as-a-Service solution provides a reliable and cost-effective method of validating the performance and scalability of blockchain systems, protocols, and decentralized applications. Give your development team the power to provision large, fully-functioning test networks in minutes.

Whiteblock Genesis provides the ability to reduce overhead, save time, and build high-performing solutions with ease.

Automation — Quickly provision multiple nodes (>1000), create and fund accounts, and generate transactions according to your specifications.
Configuration — Set the network parameters between nodes to replicate real-world performance and watch them interact in real-time within a live, private network that you control. 
Continuous Integration — Automatically test and validate changes to your existing codebase and account for any issues before they hit the main net.

Test twice, deploy once, and rest assured with the Whiteblock Genesis platform.

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