Become bigger than your MONEY

We hear so much hype today about getting rich quick, that you can make money so easy online without ever caring about your character development. The problem with this kinda of philosophy can be seen when someone wins the lottery big time. They surely will spend all of it in excitement and in such a rush, they will lose any chance of getting it back. In this case, the fortune is bigger than the person.

Money is only a tool for an end.

Most people have a wrong perception about money. If you ask the average person on the street if money is the root of all evil , I am sure that the majority will answer with a “yes”. Because in average thinking money is not a tool, but an end. Therefore the common philosophy will always be that being rich or wealthy inherently means being mean and greedy. Now it’s true that some wealthy people are greedy and evil, but we can say the same about some poor people.

It’s important to understand that money can’t be the root of evil, simply because money can’t think by itself, can’t make moral decisions. Who does then … ? We do, the people. We govern money. So we are totally responsible for how we use it, be it good or bad. The decision is ultimately ours. To think otherwise is naive at best. If a person is poor and evil, guess what he will become after getting rich ! A rich evil person.

Money can’t change people with strong character. It can only make them better. Better leaders, better givers, better entrepreneurs, better contributors. A person with integrity won’t indulge in schemes and ways to gain profit at the expense of others. But he will find ways to make profit in service to others. There is no shame in being wealthy and prosperous, when you have the right attitude and character to support it.

You govern your fortune, not the other way.

History can be a great source of life lessons. The stories tell us something about those who seek money in itself and the outcome of that. From Mayans to Egyptians to wealthy Arabs and other civilizations, all those who had great fortunes but weak character couldn’t endure the taste of time, and their lives ended in miserable and tragic ways.

Trying to catch success and fortune like a butterfly is usually delusional and results in misery and dissatisfaction. Instead of viewing success as an end result that will make you happy, try to make your journey of self development ; your success ,and the progressive gain in profits ; your fortune. How pitiful ! Having all the gold there is on this planet, but no strong character behind all that wealth. Think about what would happen to these kind of people when they lose all they’ve got. They usually commit suicide or engage in self destructive behavior as a punishment for their current misfortune.

You don’t want to be that kind of person, big from the outside, but shallow on the inside. Here is the best advice I ever got about dealing with money and fortunes : “ if someone gives you a million dollars, best you become a millionaire in order to keep the money“. That’s why winning doesn’t work well for most people, because now the fortune is bigger than the person instead of the person being bigger than the fortune. Money doesn’t want to stay in the hands of people who don’t know to manage it.

The law of attraction teaches us this concept in its simplest form : success attracts , money attracts. It’s a magnetic effect, you get in life not what you need, but what you deserve. If you want more money, guest what ! You have to become more as a person. Develop your self and skills and money will surely find its way to your hands. This is not a promise, nor a suggestion. This is a law that governs the Universe.

What if you lose it all ?

This is why you must be bigger than the fortune. Because now if God forbid you lost all your assets and money, you still can make it again. You have the same character that got you there the first time, you can do it again, and even better this time. Walt Disney declared bankruptcy several times until he made a fortune so big nothing could possibly shake its foundation.

It doesn’t matter if you lose it all. If you still have the strong character, you can recover and become bigger than ever before.

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About The Author

Zakarya Aghbal is the Founder of Mindsety . You can connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.