Tim Ferris, author of The Four Hour Workweek, talks about how he maintains a low-information diet and how he hasn’t picked up a newspaper in years. If something happens that is important enough, he figures he’ll hear about it eventually. I’m the same way.
7 Things on my Not-To-Do List
Aaron Nelson

I’ve always felt pressured about this.

People talk about stuff happening around but I genuinely never feel interested in any of it since i fail to see the impact if any of it in my life.

I’ve been thinking that maybe i’m missing something. And i always feared that someday i’m gonna miss on a big opportunity because I don’t read the news.

Today i’m starting to realize it was stupid. The News is full of BS. I don’t need all of it. Maybe some very important and industry related info. But, you know, this kind generally does not brake in mass media until its value’s gone. And in any way i find it sufficient to just follow the major actors and check on’em from time to time.

And until this day, the news never came up in any of the job interviews i had. And it never stopped me from doing my job properly. It has absolutely no value in my life. And i’m just glad there are successful people who think the same.

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