Once a developer always a developer


I joined the CS track as a major.


Completed my simple self driving car project in a team of five.


Joined a startup that was building a from-scratch-ERP that was based on Java. 2 years after trails and errors we built four modules out of 9 and the loop continued after I left with a hazy objective.


A revolution!

A revolution at my country and my career. I shifted from being an J2EE developer to be a research assistant and started preparing for my masters. I was a part of a team that helped in building the facial detection and recognition. After that I joined another team that helped also in Human Activity Recognition. Far away I went to? Text Mining. We built a Hashtag recommendation module that I don’t know who is using right now as I made my biggest shift.


I joined my family business. I made a lot of money and success but it was not my objective. Back again to the battle?



I co-founded a startup with two of my friends, lost 100% of the money I made because there was no obvious plan. I slacked and lost my effort, money and passion! The company build a product with me out and I decided to take a whole new track.


Hashtag Advertising

Playing all the roles from the office boy to the business owner, funding source, business developer, content creator and sure a web developer. This time it is real because I am back the basics and to what I like the most. I own a business that is not generating money but generating passion. I am building my own product to be there in 2 months.

Here we go!