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Over the last few months, I have been able to spend a significant amount of time in Pakistan — accounting for the largest continuous period I’ve spent in the country in the past 15 years. I took the opportunity to learn more about the emerging startup ecosystem here and wanted to jot down my thoughts on what I’ve learned after speaking to dozens of founders, operators, and investors over the last 4 months.

Firstly, I’m very encouraged by the excitement around technology companies in Pakistan and none of what follows should take away from that. It’s not uncommon now to…

After many years of helping other entrepreneurs build great SaaS companies, I’ve started to feel the itch to start up again. At the moment, I’m incubating a fascinating idea which may or may not become an actual business (another story, for another day).

Going back to my bootstrapping roots after a few years of working on well funded, fast growing products brings back memories of my very first “real” startup, TimeSvr. Today, I wanted to share the story behind that company and some of my earliest battle scars as an entrepreneur.

“Why don’t you just hire a personal assistant?”

In 2007 I was a bored Senior at the…

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It’s what all the cool kids are doing

How I Learnt To Stop Whining About Millennials & Start Using Early Career Acceleration

Back when I lived in Singapore, I met a number of (mostly) Europeans working apprenticeships at major corporations — think Siemens, Airbus and ABB. The more I chatted up these students and recent graduates, the more trends started to appear — namely, that these apprentices had an expectation that this work would lead to something more permanent with their then-employer or in the industry. To them, this was more than a “normal’ internship. …

In late 2015 I was heading Product Management at Influitive, a cutting-edge and very fast-growing marketing tech startup. We’d gone from 12 employees (and near-zero revenue) when I joined in 2013 to, at that point, more than 125 employees (300+ paying customers) — and we weren’t showing any signs of slowing down. It was great — so great, in fact, that I needed out.

It sounds counterintuitive, I know. The rapid growth, massive success and constant stream of new customers flooding our conference rooms and inboxes was intoxicating, sure. But, for me, the real excitement is in the new —…

Zaki Mahomed

I like to make things people love using (& paying for). A bias towards action, building the future, and Coke Zero.

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