A story of missed leadership opportunities

“If you are a leader, like it or not, you will replicate yourself. Your followers will adopt your behaviors and habits.” — Michael Hyatt

Missed opportunity #1

Our GM had reputation for avoiding difficult conversations and situations. He didn’t like conflict.

Missed leadership opportunity #2

Our new boss, Marco, had a background in business development. He openly admitted in our initial 1:1 that he knew nothing about product management or design. Initially, I was encouraged by his openness.

Missed leadership opportunity #3

He did hold a leadership team offsite in his first 90 days. It seemed like it was going to be a great opportunity to get to know him, his leadership style, and his vision for our business unit. We were all encouraged that he’d be curious and want to learn what each of us did and how we could help him grow the business unit.

The exodus

It’s well known that people leave leaders, not companies.

Some good news

After leaving Marco’s organization, I was given the opportunity to grow a team and build an organization at another enterprise software company. This new company was defined by great leadership and a proven track record of investing in and developing their employees.

Executive leadership coach. Speaker. Author.

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