Laser hair removal in Manhattan involves the use of laser beams to get rid of unwanted body hair. This involves a medical process wherein a pulsating and intense beam of light penetrates through the targeted skin area and causes immense damage to the hair follicle. This in turn affects the production of melanin, thereby destroying the hair follicle. The laser process works efficiently on those with dark hair and light skin and ensures great results over five to six sittings, interspaced four to six weeks between each sitting. The laser treatment process does not promise permanent hair removal from the affected area. Instead it ensures long term hair reduction which means you do not have to shave or wax your arms, legs or bikini line regularly.

Common Treatment Areas

For those of you folks out there, visiting laser hair removal in Manhattan is an option to consider if you want to get rid of unwanted body hair. The best part of this process is that it can ensure removal of unwanted hair from almost any area of your body except for the eyelids and its surroundings. The most common body locations for hair removal include under arms, legs, chin, upper lip and bikini line. However, the removal process is largely dependent upon your skin type and hair color. For instance if your hair color is dark and the skin tone is light, the laser procedure will work efficiently since it is easier for the laser to target your hair follicle.

How Risky is it?

There are many folks out there who believe that laser hair removal is a very risky process. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Sure, the process may cause minor skin irritation or cause a little bit of swelling or redness around the treated area. However, these are temporary in nature and may last for a few hours and no more. Even an injection for flu may cause redness and minor swelling in some folks and differs from one individual to another. Put simply, there are no permanent risks involved with the laser hair procedure.

Treatment Period

The treatment period for laser hair removal NYC may vary from one person to another since it depends upon the skin tone and also on the body area. Some areas of the body may require only one sitting whereas in some instances you may require multiple sittings. It is suggested that you consult a specialist hair removal clinic and determine how many sittings you would need to get rid of all the unwanted hair from your body.

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