Congrats on the election, progressive Oklahoma!

Yes, I’m serious.

When you have low expectations of the political system (and, cmon, I’m a freaking anarchist), you get to be pleasantly surprised at incremental wins. Cynicism has its small advantages, people.

Of course, the Official Zakk Flash 2018 Oklahoma Voting Guide, Cleveland County Edition was a huge contributor to the election results </sarcasm>…

Anyway, progressives and Democrats had some solid wins in Oklahoma last night. Check it out:

  • Kendra Horn took Steve Russell’s seat in the US Congress, breaking a 44-year Republican hold on Oklahoma’s 5th congressional district and becoming just the third woman ever elected to represent Oklahoma in Congress.
  • All of Norman’s Democrat statehouse candidates won their races.
  1. Mary B. Boren, a consistent supporter of my very large family’s foster kids and our local school food pantry programs, took OK-SD16.
  2. Jacob Rosecrants beat back dirty tricks and dark money to keep his ass in OK-HD46.
  3. Merleyn Bell, a legitimate volunteering heroine who serves on the board of United Way of Norman’s Health & Safety Council and the creator of KGOU’s Race Matters program, is off to OK-HD45.
  4. Representative Emily Virgin didn’t even face a challenger. Instant win.
  • Two women, Julia Kirt and Carri Hicks, flipped Republican seats in OKC.
  • My buddy Kara Joy McKee is headed to Tulsa City Council!

Plus all these state question wins:

  • No to an Oklahoma Constitutional amendment allow corporate control of vision care (SQ793)
  • - No to financial diversion (SQ800)
  • - No to single-party Gubernatorial control (SQ798)
  • - No to rich school districts outmaneuvering working class ones (SQ801)

I’m not eating cake for breakfast or anything, but I’m certainly celebrating the damage done to single-party rule and the opportunity to have some candidates who can actually be pressured to follow through on their promises.

Also, I’m eating cake for breakfast. Happy Wednesday!