Little Extra Mile — Great Outcomes

Everyone in this world is has an aspiration of gaining success ,he gives his 100 percent to attain it. And they will have 90 percent chances to gain it. But those who just put 5 to 10 percent more or extra will definitely get and their chances are 100 percent. So, doing extra in life in a positive way that can result in great success.

I tried this thing in my own life when I was hunting a job after my graduation. I applied to Nestlé as Management Trainee Officer. While applying online I thought to do a little bit different than other people by going extra mile and doing some more. So, through my networking I was able to reach the HR head of Nestlé Pakistan i.e Mr. Akmal Saeed . After some intro and elevator pitch I was able to give him my Resume personally .He was a nice person and appreciated my efforts and passion for the job .So , after seven days time I received a mail in which it was mentioned clearly that because of my act of going extra mile I was chosen for the interview rounds .Hence , with just a bit of effort I was able to establish a personal link with the interviewer and at the end got the job because of that thing.

In a nutshell, going extra mile is a little effort that you put which make big differences. Hence , I would like to suggest all the readers out there to go extra mile in every walk of life in order to be among successful people.