Sharing Experiences — Sharing Life

In order to understand and explore the purpose of my life. I wanted to have an informal literature review and for that I wanted to know the purpose of life of my mentor. For that ,I contacted my elder brother who is one of my mentors. So , I already had some points in mind to ask in order to clearly understand with their experiences.

Those points were ,

1.Put your time in: Everyone starts out doing grunt work till trust is proven

2.Take control of your relationship with your boss and team members

3.Embrace change and reflect on what you are learning daily

I would summarize the suggestions and thoughts about these points from my mentor.About the first point his reviews were , that when you got hired by a firm ,you should give your 110 percent in order to show your boss the abilities you have in yourself and keep doing work hard until a strong relationship of trust is developed with your boss. Because when you refuse your boss for any of the task and don’t do that task willingly ,the link would not be that much strong. Last but not the least thing was that we should inculcate all the changes in our personality day by day that are necessary for our personality grooming and improvement.

At the end, I thanked him for being so generous in sharing his beautiful life experiences with me.

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