IA#4: Museum Visit 1

Philippine Scenes by Juan Luna Y Novico (1894–1895)

This painting shows one of the primary living of a typical Filipino which is fishing. The subject of the painting shows that even women are capable of working and surviving by themselves. That’s why I adore empowered women.

Justice under Martial Law by Orlando Castillo (1980)

This painting shows what is really happened during martial law or the regime of Ferdinand Marcos. Wherein, there’s a lot of bad things happened such as kidnapping, over power, raped, and etc. For me this a very tragic event in our history since many people became the victim of this event.

Study of a Family Praying Before a Meal by Vicente Silva Manansala (1981)

This painting shows a family who praying and eating together during dinner. It is very common or familiar in our country since it became a part of our daily living that each member of the family must be present on the last meal of the day which is dinner. But in my life, having dinner with the whole family is not common, simply because my parents is far away from me and my brothers because of their work. The common for me was a dinner with my brothers and my grandmother.

Las Lavanderas by Fernando Cueto Amorsolo (1972)

This shows women washing clothes. It is sad to admit that back then women even youth know how to wash their clothes but then these days, modern Filipinas are not even capable of washing their own clothes and depend on their yaya and parents.

Children Playing in the River by Fernando Cueto Amorsolo (1972)

This painting shows children bathing on a river. This is how children back then experience happiness but now, children lack this kind of activities wherein they are focused on their gadgets and lack physical activities.

Ang Pulubi by Hernando R. Ocampo (1946)

This painting shows the image of a beggar or “pulubi” down the street. In our country these people (pulubi) is very common especially here in manila. The thing is I do not understand why there’s a lot of people who are so greedy and selfish. They don’t know that there are people who are not lucky compared to them. To those people be thankful and blessed on what you have.

Man ang Industry (Study) by Vicente Silva Manasala (1962)

This image shows the industrial era, the booming of different industries and manufacturing. For me this image means that there’s a lot of machine that is being controlled or operated by human. But, in present or today, it became reciprocated which is the human was controlled by the machine.

Evacuation by Oscar R. Espirito (1949)

This painting shows a kind of evacuation because there houses was being burned. This scene was very common here in metro manila specifically to the places that are very tight and built of light materials which many people are in need to evacuate and find a place that are safe.

Selfie shot Outside and Inside the Museum:

Main Entrance of the National Museum
Inside of the National Museum
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