The first Jewish single lady on TV beat ‘Monday Night Football’ in ratings
Nina Renata Aron

Cama nehmad. It’s fun to read more social & cultural angles to the questions of Who’s Who in America, whether in periodicals or media; since you’re an editor in addition to being a writer, I have another challenge for you.

I’m a Jewish boy from Brooklyn who hated Seinfeld before viewing even 1–1/2 episodes, since their “this is Jewish NY,” was NOTHING like the place I experienced for 17 years. We’re not all Ashkenazy, nor all White, not to mention all those nauseating, dweeby stereotypes. As you look for writers and subjects, please make a point of finding Caribbean, Beta Yisrael, Sfardi, West & North African, and other kinds of culturally grounded Jews to display what a Mixed Multitude we really are. Don’t hire Ashkenazim to write about us, don’t allow anyone to claim that only Reform Ashkenazim are Progressive or Liberal, or any of the spurious reductions that are so routine. Let that be the next item on your Fredom Agenda.

Ha Shana Haba’ah, Yeladim Shel Hofesh! Hag Sameah!!