Design is diversity: it’s time to talk about our role as designers
Fabricio Teixeira

Excelente! The lack of diversity in design has been pissing me off since the late ‘80s and now, after the Obama years have given way to TrumpChange We Can’t Believe In, it’s an insult to understatement to speak of bewildered dismay. While generally I’m in accord with the intentions you expressed, I have a quibble with AIGA’s demographic info. I was at one of their big dos in Boston around ‘94, where 1200 people were in in attendance, and I’m certain that a total of fewer than 20 Asian & Black faces of any kind were to be found. I have actually heard — since the ‘oughts — someone say “something is wrong with this picture” after seeing a design firm’s staff pic where browns predominated, and it wasn’t me, being facetious. I still fight about chroma for faces in my spreads.

Long way to go.

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