Quiet time
Ollie Campbell

For me, the critical aural ingredient is music, not silence. Once in a while, when I’m writing or I need extra-extra mind-depth, silence becomes imperative, but for me it is not useful, and I’ve made plenty of comparison studies. My control subject likes noise. I can partially agree with your finding about silence in one respect, which is that added leverage is gained by listening to non-vocal music, or vocal music in languages I can’t understand. Most of the time it ends up being jazz or classical for these ears, but African music of varying styles works fine, since I don’t know any African languages. Same for South Asian vocal music. Or many other flavors of instrumental music.

It’s just as well that I understand Spanish & therefore need to avoid it for inventing things, ’cause I haven’t figured out how to work a mouse or drawing tablet while making salsa moves (or any other kind, for that matter).

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