Censored! McMaster Barred Scholar Ayaan Hirsi Ali from Giving Talk on Radical Islam at NSC
Mike Cernovich

Debating with these type of folks is like talking to a wall....... People here need to understand these right wing, racist, nationalist Christian fundamentalist propaganda and strategy........They invade start wars, bomb, terrorize Muslim and non Muslim countries all over the world, steal and exploit their resources s, biggest spenders of war in military spending by this religion of peace, have bases all over the world, harras and threaten the Chinese through their own waters, fight proxy and cold wars with even their own kind.......then when some poor rag tag Muslim who comes home to his village to find out his hut with his mother and children have been raped and killed by the US predominantly Christian military, the same US government that props the regiem that oppress them their whole life decides to pick up some old rusty soviet era AK to retaliate in kind...........then these nut jobs will jump up yelling and holaring and accusing him and all Muslims of stuff that they are not doing but the Right, wing Christians are actually doing all over the world, that this rag head is gonna jump on one of his jet carrier camels or flying carpet to take over the West and the world...........then when people online bring up the cause of Muslims wanting to kill you is because of your racist, Christian supramicist foreign policy, they will never acknowledged or own up to it just cry and play victim so they can gain sympathy and support from any moderates or anyone sitting on the fence to join their cause of nationalist agenda and anglo Saxon ,Christian supremacy’s all over the world

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