Week 1 — Defining Interaction Design

About Me

I am an interaction designer from the SF Bay Area. I have studied and practiced both industrial engineering & industrial design. I especially revel in designing precise interactions to raise questions, alter behavior, and make people laugh.
Previously, I optimized manufacturing assembly lines at Tesla and helped them achieve high volume production on the Model S. 
In prior graduate design work, I focused on uncovering strands of human qualities within contexts of work and labor. I achieved these through various tangible media projects. 
Most recently I interned at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Climate Sciences group working on the next iteration of the National Climate Assessment. Using design research and strategy methods, we worked towards a better drought indicator platform to communicate big data to state officials and agriculture producers.
I hope to expand my horizons in design ability and decide for myself what kind of designer I want to be moving forward.

What is interaction design?

The practice of developing tangible and intangible outcomes of behavior driven communication between people, things, and any combination between these.

These interactions exist in the context of designed outcomes of products, services, and environments. Each of these contexts are media to create scenarios for user interactions. Within the realm of product design, these interactions build to achieve a final outcome or a delivery of a solution which are ideally dictated by user needs. Within each kind of design outcome, there are systems of touch points which create the affordance of a narrative or story between user and feature. What results are diverse interactions which ultimately form a user experience.

Designing Interactions

Design Thinking Comes of Age

Service Design 101

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