But what if I have to stop being afraid and let new things into my life so they can actually strengthen my foundation? What if by daring to create bigger things my foundation will actually grow stronger? But then how do I know which elements are too big and which are not big enough? Which elements are actually good for it? Which elements will destroy it from inside?
Balance at the Core
The Red Hat

A great comment from my very good friend:

There‘s a lot of fear of the unknown in this part. For me it help to focus on gratitude and love in those moments and then I can believe and trust again. 
Just think about 3 thinks you‘re grateful for or 3 moments and relive them in your memory.. you will start smiling and see that you already are surrounded by miracles and love. Gratitude & love kills every fear & doubt.

It’s always a process of shutting up your old brain and letting your heart and positive vibes speak again. :)