5 ways to make an E-X-T-R-A-ordinary man from ordinary

What does it actually mean being extraordinary? Being remarkable, successful, happy or special? Well, each of us is special and this fact has nothing to do with extraordinariness. Living extraordinary life is about making dreams come true. Yep, that simple, but the idea of extraordinariness is subjective and cannot be determined by any dogmas. However, if you want your man to become a winner in terms of his goals and wishes, check these ideas on how to help him live an extraordinary life.

Marry him

No doubt, family has a power and no secret, woman is a true force in driving man to succeed. Do not underestimate marriage. Saying wedding vows at the altar is not a conventional thing, it’s a conscious choice of sharing your life with another person. Being with someone you love is a solid motivation because genuine feeling and strong support are the best tools for reaching goals and making everything possible. Another thing which is really important for man is realizing that you chose him among others. It drives to be a better person each day and this is where transformation to extraordinary person starts.

Have high expectations

Bear in mind, I’m not talking about unrealistic expectations. You should properly assess your partner’s personality and skills but at the same time it’s okay to have a bit higher expectations about him. It’s a great way to encourage and show the opportunities he may not see. In addition, it helps him not to stop on what is achieved and move forward. There is no way to have a dream life just doing what’s necessary, we have to do what’s beyond necessary. High expectation is a good way to make your man believe in himself but only if that expectation is reinforced with commitments he undertakes.


Some women are muses, true inspiration. Seems like they have unlimited sources of positive energy which they generously share with their partners. Finding such a woman is like hitting a jackpot, she uncovers all hidden talents and strengthens them. No wonder, some men become powerful and successful having such women behind their backs. But at the same time, even the greatest accomplishments can lead to nothing with wrong woman on board who brings distraction and bad luck. I believe that the truth lies in our own mindsets: we need to work on our thoughts, get them in a positive direction, avoid complaining and negative attitudes. Positive approach has an incredible power and surely will influence your partner in any way. So, it is possible to become that woman, muse.


You need to appreciate your man. The efforts that he makes, achievements that he has and responsibility that he takes should be rewarded with your loyalty, love and gratitude. It’s like giving presents. Why do we love to please others with gifts? This is not because we are kind and altruistic but because of the feedback we get. Seeing someone you love happy and grateful is a huge motivation, it generates unbelievable amount of positive emotions. This is why so many people adore giving presents instead of getting them. It works the same in relationships. Watching your partner pleased and thankful you want to keep doing it for the dose of positive feedback. So, don’t be shy and appreciate even little things that your man does for you, do not take them for granted and believe me, he will want to do even more for you.

Be extraordinary

Probably you’ve already had this point in your mind. All those ways do not work unless you make your own dreams come true. You need to be one with an extraordinary life. If you constantly work on self development, invest in yourself, have positive attitude and open mindset than your man doesn’t have any chance to stay with ordinary life. You don’t need to push or force him, your own life will become the best catalyst for your partner and you will grow together empowering and inspiring each other.