Where is really HER place?

Photo by Oscar Keys

Having this topic in front of me it’s hard to start writing because I’ve never really thought much about woman’s place in the world. Seems like nowadays, when female and male rights are equal in all developed countries, this topic is not relevant as long as I believe that woman’s place is where she wants to be. But actually, this question goes far from legal equality and geographical borders, it raises personal dispute of finding the unique way of living.

From infancy we are influenced by the environment. Everything matters: country we live in, people we interact with, social status our parents have. Mix all these things together and you’ll get a prism by which everyone looks at life. Growing up and reaching a conscious age we start to think more about life purpose. It’s natural to ask questions like ‘Who am I? Where should I be in this life?’. Answering these questions can become a struggle. In spite of living in a modern society women are still exposed to prejudices. So many of us have to deal with gender discrimination, sounds like a nonsense that a woman should have an assigned place nowadays. Taking into account all these facts, finding yourself can become an uneasy matter.

This is where the journey begins.

I believe that each woman can find the place where she wants to be. By the ‘place’ I mean personal life, geographical location, environment, friends, craft etc. All these things form and fulfill our life and when something is missing frustration comes. I’m sure you are familiar with uncertainty, when you don’t feel comfortable where you are but you don’t know where to go and what to change. ‘Ask yourself’ — they say. Yeah, like it’s so easy to get the answer. Not all of us can listen to the inner voice and understand what it’s saying. Asking yourself dozen times you get the same thing ‘I don’t know’. I’m sure most of you have been there. What did you do? Listened to someone’s advice or just put up with the situation? Maybe you’ve been courageous enough to make big changes and then realized that the decision was wrong? I vote for experimenting. If you don’t feel yourself where you are and you don’t have a strict plan that can bring you to your ’happy place’, well, don’t get stuck then, move on! Being uncertain is a natural lifeflow, don’t stop trying and change your ‘place’ as many times as you need.

‘You have to build a career by your 30s and have a husband and at least one child by your 35s’. What a bullshit! There are no frames or certain time periods in life and, of course, there is no assigned place for a woman. Do you want to be a housewife with five kids or become a CEO and stay childfree? Maybe you want to quit, move to Bali and have a small fish restaurant there? Well, then, do it. Woman’s place is the whole world, just pick and start the journey.