Guest Author: Zama Khan Mohammed, Software Architect, Author of Angular Projects book.

Many software development teams focus and prioritize software architecture, performance, security, testability, and maintainability of the software but often forget to value the importance of accessibility.

Accessibility should never be an afterthought! Everyone should be a stakeholder in it; developers, designers, and of course the testers.

An analysis was brought up by WebAIM, called WebAIM Million in February 2019. It analyzed the accessibility of the top million website’s homepages and to their shock, found out 98.7% of them didn’t meet the WCAG 2 Conformance (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines)…

A simpler way to lazy load non routable angular modules!

Demo | Source Code

NOTE: I am a Software Architect who has a passion for Angular, React and AWS. Currently I am working on a React and AWS project, but Angular Community makes me feel at home ❤ and so because of that, I wrote a book, “Angular Projects”

How can we use Less efficiently!!??

I have been working on a project with more than 40 FED’s and we are using LESS for CSS Architecture. LESS and SASS has given front end developers a hope for more modularised components into our CSS Architecture. With that I have observed the use and misuse of LESSJS to create more meaningful development of CSS.

In this article I want to share one efficient thing that you should use in your LESS and one thing which you should always avoid. (This could be applied to SASS Architecture as well.)

What can be more efficient in Cascading Style Sheets…

Zama Khan Mohammed

Software Architect (Web Technologies) at Tekzenit Inc

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