We e-mailed few HRs and asked them some questions regarding interview and we got mixed reply from them. First let me state what questions we have asked.

  1. In your experience, how important do you think it is to be yourself in an interview?
  2. How do you identify if a candidate is being real or not during the interview?
  3. What suggestions you may have on how to be fully prepared/equipped for an interview?
  4. Does dressing really matters ??
  5. How you decide whether that candidate is good fit for company or not.

What we have concluded from this activity is that being yourself is like the most important thing in an interview. Interviewer wants to know what you are in real and whether your real self is a good fit for them or not.

By reading persons resume, analyzing his behavior during an interview and his expressions tell a lot whether a person is being real or not.

By being equipped or prepared if you mean having technical knowledge then for me it is very important to b prepared,you must know the knowledge about your field ,about jobs description ,how your field is related to job and how you will implement your theoretical knowledge, but if being prepared is cramming answers for interview than i suggest you to be yourself and try to be as real as possible.

If you are applying for a job that requires presentation that requires public dealing then yes dressing matter but if a job is about supervising workers and being on plant all the time then dressing is not an important factor.

His behavior during interview and by viewing his social network profiles it becomes very easy to say whether that person is good fit for us or not.

Following are the 3 takeaways

  1. Be yourself no matter what.
  2. Don’t try to outsmart interviewer.
  3. Be prepared and properly equipped for the interview.