I’ve been stalking Gary Vaynerchuk

I had to, because he insists on it :-)

It’s rare, if not a singular event, when the CEO of an agency is both its passionate spokesman and the expression of an idea. Gary is a social media age Pied Piper who engages us in a new kind of parkour —one that’s inspirational, insightful, bold, earnest, and radically transparent. A case in point: when I recently took the elevator up to the 25th floor of 10 Hudson Yards to meet with VaynerMedia, Gary’s agency, I pretty much knew my way around.

Gary’s first visit to his new office

I thought it would be fun to pause and consider ways his persona could provide creative context for his Agency’s work.

Few CEOs so personally and playfully embody a new advertising ethos:

Carrying this a bit further, let’s look at how this experiential framework could influence a specific client project: a mobile app/social campaign that increases beverage engagement and sales at a restaurant.

First pass sketches

A UX designer’s first responsibility is connecting people with a sense of discovery and wonder. The Pokémon Go-like solution worked up here is consistent with Gary’s penchant for spontaneous interaction with ideas, people, and place — pulling ingredients out of thin air, mixing them up, and converting them into a fun, consumable product in-store.

Customer experience map

In the same vein, the Budweiser advertisement below is an example of how VaynerMedia is already tapping into the Now, with an emotionally-charged immersive event. It uses real celebratory footage, edited overnight, to help us imagine what it would be like if Harry Caray, the “Cub Fan, Bud Man”, were alive to call the Series for the Cubs.

As Dr. Seuss would say, “With brains in (his) head, and feet in (his) shoes,” Gary takes us on journeys that inspire us to “crush it!” and “cash in on our passion.” In a similar way, his agency is positioned to own the space at the intersection of advertising, social media marketing, emotional connection, and Now!