How not to promote technology in teaching: An open letter
Robert Talbert

I wholeheartedly agree. Sometimes we become enamored with technology for technology’s sake and we don’t consider whether it’s something helpful or not. Technology is a tool that’s supposed to make your task easier. Here’s the analogy I always give people: Say you need to dig a hole to plant a flower. You have three options in front of you: you can use your hands, a shovel or an excavator. Too often people either pick their hands or the excavator. Using your hands may be fine in certain situations but sometimes the earth is too hard. When they use the excavator they make a mess of the situation but rather than realizing that they didn’t pick the appropriate tool, they end up blaming all tools and eventually return to trying to use their hands. The role of technology promoters/evangelists should be to promote the appropriate technology for the appropriate task.

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