Haven’t you ever wondered why countries like China, Thailand and Mexico feast on insects more often than animals? This article will explain top 5 facts about Cricket Protein that’ll change your perspective on these creepy crawlies.

1. Over 80% of all countries eat crickets as their main source of protein. These countries include Thailand, China, Ghana and etc. This clearly shows that crickets have more nutritional value and it is also environmentally friendly as crickets are easy to produce and they don’t release as many greenhouse gases as cows or livestock.

2. When we eat a cricket, we are consuming 80% of its weight whereas with cows you’d only use 40% of the original weight as meat. This means that less food is being wasted if we switch to crickets instead of traditional meat.

3. Crickets have x2 more protein than a steak. Protein is essential for our growth and repair so the more protein we consume, the easier it will be for your body to do the growth and repair procedure.

4. Crickets have more iron than spinach. Iron helps with transporting blood around the body and it is especially important for women in their reproductive years to have a lot of food with iron.

5. Crickets also have more calcium than ordinary milk. Calcium is crucial for bone development and maintenance and so having the right amount of calcium ensures that you won’t get bone related diseases or illnesses and consuming crickets are a better option for getting calcium than milk.

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