The more beautiful world my heart knows is possible

What is the more beautiful world your heart knows is possible? I wrote the following answer after hearing the phrase uttered by Charles Eisenstein, which is now a book with the same title. Each of our life’s work is about manifesting our answer to this question, and it requires us to live and give our gifts in service to the whole. May it inspires you to write your own response, I would love to read it☺

Pièce de résistance

In the more beautiful world my heart knows is possible: young children play freely with their friends and have many brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles around them, not just related by blood. Food is healthy, alive and grown with gratitude. Community converges in meaningful activities for the purposes of learning, healing, creating and communicating. Our rituals are conscious, and enacted for the purposes of reminding ourselves of our place in the natural order. We give spontaneously and for the joy of it, and people feel safe, abundant and inspired.

I envision a sustainable community grounded in spiritual values, working and playing through the art, healing and ritual. This is a community designed to integrate nature and culture in a way that creates the maximum amount of life-force. The interplay of these three elements emerges to create an environment that supports a state of flow, whereby individuals are synchronized to the laws of evolution in an optimal way through a skillful blend of structure and improvisation, allowing for spontaneity and naturalness to arise from Being.

This core practice of the community is mindfulness, developed through daily practice of meditation. Understanding that each individual has their preferred path towards the state of living meditation, the emphasis is not so much on what you do, but how you do it — aware. The community operates through a system of guilds, with it’s own localized currency and systems of barter. The highest principle within the community is a reverence for life, and all individuals participating in commercial or recreational activities must strive to embody this principle to the best of their ability.

This community houses a center for performing arts and center for healing, working in both ancient and cutting edge modalities to produce exceptional results. Residences are architected on principals of sacred geometry, as the community as a whole is aware of the sacred relationship between form and function. To the best of the communities ability, people are supported to discover and develop their gifts in a way that contributes to the life-maintaining and life-enhancing endeavours of the community. In other words, gifts must be able to contribute to the life-force of the community after a time of suitable cultivation.

Children and teenagers within the community are educated in a manner that brings out their unique genius. They are viewed as seeds within the community that require the appropriate attention of the gardener and combination of natural elements in order to thrive. The education is nature-based, integrating culture, consciousness and technology into a wholistic curriculum that empowers each seed grow into a leader of his/her own mind and heart.

The community is trained to work with light, shadow and intention so that they are able to maintain the flow state of the community. All community members also participate in communication workshops based on ancient and modern techniques of conflict prevention and resolution to support the creation and maintenance of the flow state. All members are supported to be at peace, to know themselves, and to love others.

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