Though i’ve sunset my days at Square, there is much more out there to explore. My journey has just begun.

3,061. Depending on your context that may feel like a relatively large or small number. In the context of bytes it’s really not much at all. In calories that might be a few too many for your average person. And in days… well, 3,061 was a number I never expected to achieve but have overwhelmingly been grateful for.

3,061 is the final number of days that I have had the pleasure of working for this awesome little-big company with the simple geometric name, Square. I’ve had 8.38 …

Broken, bloodied and in need for air. Still he gets back up and goes on. Nothing stops him forever. I feel you Tony.

Where do I even start?…
I had no idea to how present this, how to share this with everyone I care about before it was too late. Well, I’m not the best writer in the world so let’s start by labeling this an informal letter. A letter filled with imperfections, conflicting feelings and ramblings. A letter from me to all of you about a single moment I’m living through right now; a moment that will be extended for an unknown amount of time. A moment is all I have right now. …

Jonathan Paull

Design, previously at Square

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