My roomate

Ema Nimphius is a bright and shy young girl with a passion for writing fantasy and science fiction stories. Her intelligence has brought her to good paths such as being in the Honor Society.

Ema loves to listen to music because she feels a special connection and is inspired by it. She does not show favoritism towards a particlar genre of music, but enjoys anything that comes her way.

When it comes to people disrespecting the thoughts and beliefs of others, Ema will stick up for people. She thinks it is really unfair when people’s opinions are judged or disrespected. She desires that everyone should receive equal respect no matter what condition in which they live.

Ema gets hard headed when it comes to giving up. She believes that giving up is not an option in life. For example, Ema was diagnosed with Dyslexia, which is when someone struggles with writing and reading. Ema has a passion for expressing her creativity in stories, and does not let Dyslexia ruin what she loves to do the most.