In the world of finance, the name Warren Buffett has long been a synonym for successful, shrewd investment. Just the rumor that his holding company Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK-B) has set its sights on a company is enough to cause its price quotation to rise sharply. And people in capital markets pay particularly close attention to the structure of his portfolio, which is published by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

One of the main principles for investing Buffett lives by is to buy companies for reasonable prices. In 2019, the Oracle of Omaha more than once expressed disappointment that the market is too high-priced now, and that he has wanted to make a major acquisition for a long time. …

The team of international investment fund Zamwell gives a brief and simple summary of the most popular investment performance indicators.

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Beginning investors and portfolio managers often ask how big investment funds assess project viability and what indicators they use. Funds distinguish between gross and net indicators. Gross indicators are net of the management company’s expenses, while net indicators factor them in. The difference is actually not great: it is usual practice for a management company to charge about 2% of the funds raised as its fee in the initial phase of the project. …

Real economy vs. financial sector: what’s the difference, which pays best, which puts you in front-office, and where can young talent rise fastest? Some insights from an investment fund director.

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A graduate with a degree in finance can choose between two paths: go serve in the financial sector (banks, finance, analytical, and other firms with finance as a core product), or climb the ranks in the real sector (companies creating physical products or services).

The Big Four is a great place to start any career. A few years work in an entry-level position at KPMG, EY, Deloitte or PwC could led to a promotion or (more likely) a good offer from the real sector. But you must be ready to sacrifice your life on the altar of work — the Big Four expect no less. A viable alternative is to go straight to the real sector, where goals are more straightforward and you have time to live your own life. …

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Начинающие инвесторы и портфельные управляющие зачастую задаются вопросом: как оцениваются инвестиции в крупных инвестиционных фондах и какие показатели используются для определения рентабельности проектов. Важно отметить, что показатели в инвестиционных фондах подразделяются на gross («грязные», валовые) и net («чистые»). Gross-показатели не учитывают расходы управляющей компании, a net учитывают. Отличаются они при этом незначительно: по существующей на рынке практике, на старте проекта расходы на услуги управляющей компании составляют около 2% привлеченных средств. После нескольких лет реализации инвестиций эта сумма уменьшается.

В этой статье специалисты инвестиционной компании Zamwell приводят краткий обзор наиболее часто используемых показателей эффективности фондов прямых инвестиций.

Internal Rate of Return

Показатель Internal rate of return (IRR) — внутренняя норма доходности — это ставка дисконтирования, при которой чистая приведенная стоимость инвестиционного проекта равна нулю. …



A private equity firm. Focuses on direct investment into rapidly growing businesses. Has 13 portfolio companies in the USA, East Europe, and Asia.

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