True Spirituality.

The divine life is not one of spiritual excellence where every moment is pure bliss spent in devout, blessed rays of joy and anyone who espouse continual spiritual bliss in their embodiment are basically bullshitting.

The divine journey is the path of eternal pushing where you come up against blocks that are perpetually in your path on your journey back to source.

Source/God is spiritual excellence.

We are not.

We, as spiritual beings on an energetic path deal continuously with the mathematical reality of polarities that are present in this or any other realm of existence that is not pure Source, as they all must contain polarity. The presence of negative and positive.

The symbolism of the biblical crucifixion represents this truth. Christ going forth to die on the cross represents our own selves begging to be free of our own painful burden, begging to not need the trials and tribulations of the moment but knowing that the will of something beyond our mortal strength is pushing us to the limits.

As we resist the troublesome urges that overpower us, as we succumb to the anguish and torture of our negative yearning, we stumble and fall to our blood-soaked knees and are eventually nailed to the cross of our negative desires, hanging dead to who it is we truly believe we are and wish to be. It is then and only then that we can hopefully find the strength to rise and reawaken, stronger and more radiant, ready to face the next round of spiritual birth and death in the continuous strengthening of our divine will.

The spiritual path is not a climb to the top of a mountain where we reach the pinnacle and enjoy the view but a journey through the meandering valleys, hills, deserts, jungles, oceans, plains and planets of myriad, amazing experiences, each containing eternal beginnings and never-ending endings, all unique and original to every individual.

That is the purpose, the blessing and the joy of reality within the embodiment of being. Not the continual downpouring of bliss but the excitement of journeying through the negative and positive, finding strengths we didn’t know we had and letting go of ego practices as they lose their glimmer and serve us no longer.

Fortunately, we have the sages of ages to guide us on our adventure and to shine light on the darkest parts of our path along with the greatest teachers, the naturel environment. For as the sun rises and sets and as the seasons change so must we do the same in perfect unison with our own understanding of who we are and what it is we need to do within the ebb and flow of our own.

The struggles of life that force most to retreat into a protective shell that they peak meekly from to watch the world go by on TV or to carry themselves burdensomely to and from work is due to not realizing what our innate capabilities are. That we are in truth and on all levels a part of a divine process and in fact who we are even in our darkest, boring, mundane, most fucked up moments is exactly who we are supposed to be and doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing at this present time.

Nobody is not where they are not meant to be.

Like stars in the night sky, the ebb and flow of the oceans and the change of the seasons, we are, you are; perfect

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