Learning from Twitter’s mistakes
Eugen Rochko

I like that in Mastodon you can choose per (part of a) Toot what you want to share with whom, unlike in Twtter where you have to choose for your whole account (public or private) at once, or send DirectMessages to individuals. However one feature that would make Mastodon even better is that like in Diaspora* or Google+ you would be able to categorize your friends/followers in groups so that you can also toot to one or more specified “circles” of your followers depending on the content of your toots. So when I toot about the ongoing match of my favourite soccer club I could toot only to my fellow club watchers and not bother e.g. my fellow professional colleagues and vice versa when tooting professional/work related content I would not annoy my favourite soccer club’s friends. See this as a suggestion :-) (Michiel Zandbelt)

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