being motherfucking blunt


Me: “I’m thinking of going to ACJC through DSAI think I’m gonna go in”

Taxi driver: “what makes you so sure ?”

Me: (internally goes what the fuck and realises that I have not studied enough) “ oh I’m the type the studies “

Taxi driver:” You know just because you study, it does not automatically mean that you can pass. Some people study very hard but still don’t make it.”

me: “oh okay” (shit I haven’t been studying )

Taxi driver:” I think the most important thing is that you know what type of standard, if you’re not there and cannot make it you can’t make it,so most important is you know yourself.”

Me: ( fuck me )” ah okay “

notice how there are no brackets for him

I think the lesson that i have gained out of this short exchange in an uber ride is the value of expressing the thoughts of oneself.

Imagine if the taxi driver did not voice his thoughts or his doubts.

(ps he allegedly was a top level managerial position with 300 people reporting to him and ran a self owned travel agency.)

we would be on a double level of ignorance

Firstly i would’ve never known that i needed to start studying and I would’ve never known his true personality of being direct.

Oh baby the truth hurts so fucking good.

Thank You mr taxi driver

Lets all try to be truthful with our intentions

cheers to a world where we understand each other better

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