efficiency, efficiency, efficiency

this is in essence what Ive been been trying to struggle for in the first few weeks of schooling. With my tighter than usual schedules I have felt the devastating blow to my well being when I fail to spend my time wisely on the activities that matter.

my time boils down to these few factors

  • rest and recovery
  • personal work (schooling, water polo, self improvement )
  • inter personal relations

I feel that recently when I lack the necessary amount of rest that my body needs, my personal relationships start to feel strained as I am unable to fully be present and have the focus to be engaged. Also when drained I tend to become more indifferent to emotions.

When I disregard my work I also feel it too, it feels as though a nagging feeling scratches at the back of my head ,telling me to go do my work.

causing me to be restless and slightly irritable (not good)

I invite you guys to figure out what your priorities and organise your time on the things that truly matter to your goals and development.