Just do it, if you feel like it that is.

Life is painfully ours, and it is up to us to decide what we want to do in the future. We could do things we would not like to do. Things that satisfy the needs of others, or we could just choose to follow what we innately desire.

Innate desire is a peculiar thing. Often labelled as passion, joy, a life purpose. But to me, life ultimately has no purpose. Painfully nihilistic; I know. But this is simultaneously painfully liberating.

We think we are held accountable to our parents, our teachers, our families, our country.As controversial as this may sound, the only person that we are held accountable to is ourselves.

Whether we wish to achieve big goals, or to be content with the simplest of subsistence. I think we naturally as Singaporeans have embodied this culture of relentless pursuit. Be it for the economic betterment of the country or raising people to be effective contributors to society. This definitely is crucial to the country’s survival. We are nothing but a little red dot, repeatedly, incessantly we are reminded. Our grandparents, the Social Studies curriculum, the government; almost like clockwork, emphasize the importance of sustaining this country. Indeed this is sound advice, as we more or less are the 1% of islands that has, a rather excellent infrastructure, economic opportunities and a decent standard of living. The subtle message that lies beneath the mildly incessant hyperpatriotism, is that we should not take this rare opportunity for granted. Rome was not built in a day, undoubtedly it was quite an arduous journey to get to where we are today, all almost by chance. Separating from Malaysia, and being left to our own devices. Somehow rather, we managed to thrive on our own, developing our own human resources and also capitalising on external relations. To capitalise, or to just relac on this sunny island is up to us.

Ethically speaking, both options are correct in their own right. 
Humans were not created for any specific purpose, as my current nihilistic paradigm permits. Just for the sake of argument, let’s assume that the former is true; ultimately it is up to you to try to decipher what the meaning of life is; tell me when you get there.

Nothing really wrong with taking the easy route. I mean it seems to be the most tranquil, the most simple and enjoyable kind of lifestyle. Taking it nice and easy, coasting through life. The days would be filled with essential items only, just enough to eat and get by. In all honesty, this mild, frugal and slightly ascetic lifestyle, would be free from worry, troubles of finance, given that we are living within our means and easily content as well. Inevitably, after let’s say 90 odd years, me being a generous god, we would perish, and leave this temporary time on earth.

To sidetrack a little:
At this point, I’m not sure what one would think of and regret on their deathbed. Taking a slightly more morbid and sombre turn, this topic should allow us to gain some clarity into what we want to do. It’s fine if we don’t really know what to do in the future. We die, we die that’s that. Slowly, and hopefully, as you and I as we contemplate more on what we want to do, may we find a more concrete answer. 
Have kids? Build relationships? Help others? Be powerful? To love? To be loved? To make money? To leave a legacy? Live in accordance with the scripture? To do whatever the hell you want. Really shui bian ni. There is no moral imperative to this post.

Now to address the more pragmatic side of life, referring to the actions to take to live in a more than subsistence level lifestyle. Man is more or less greedy by nature, we want to preserve our kind, ensure our comfort, gain power, status; things of this sort. If we do like our material possessions a lot, our comfort and recognition from others, the envy that one instils when he succeeds, a legacy, a large sum of money to our name; we’re gonna have to work for it. Sweat, bleed and toil. Is that good or bad, as always, up to you to decide, I’m not your mum.

The good things in life, if we define them as the 5Cs “cash credit car condo and country club membership”, have to be worked towards, unless you have a not so elusive silver spoon of wealth. Terribly, I think these things don’t offer much satisfaction, they offer conventional satisfaction definitely; that is what is deemed to be the good life by the majority. But what satisfies you is completely up to you. In this case, you might die with riches in your coffin, but still dead So sama sama.

So moral the of the story: up to you to decide.

ps. Pardon this— more off the top of my head style, this is how I kind of speak to myself when I’m alone, and like not up to other ‘stuff’ — haha. A glimpse into my brain.

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