The store that sells good food

Its been awhile since i last teared 
I haven’t cried for a good month or so ( how manly of me )

But i was really touched today, perhaps even overly emotional,(who knows)
The canteen store that I always bought from is moving out, to take care of their mother in law.
They were an old couple both way past their 50s 
a little bit short 
but full of love 
most of the meals they made were freshly cooked and handmade 
and they always served me extra portions without fail.

Judging by my size, they knew I needed the extra food and it never really occurred to them to charge me with any extra cost.
The reason why I’m so emotional is perhaps due to them being very similar to my grandma 
I felt like they were an extension of all the love I have received at home, from my grandma especially.

Sometimes they would greet me with a nice smile ,
sometimes they would go straight to the point asking :”Ni yao chi shen me”
they were formerly cze char {stir fry} stall owners in actual markets but moved to outram for some reason.
They worked together in unison , auntie taking orders from the front serving up x meat + y veg economic rice and
uncle in the back creating magic, dextrously stir frying dishes sending them up and down throughout the air.

Hands down provided the best variety and quality of food in outram. Sizzling up dishes like, fried rice , Hor fun , mui fun, hokkien mee ( in both the dry and wet variation) , maggie noodles (my go to comfort food ), minced meat and egg soup and the usual economic rice. All of the aforementioned food items I have tried and loved.

In midst of my tears after realising that the best food stall in my school was leaving , I realised the value of the small acts of kindness in life .

Furthermore, their never ending supply of food attests to the saying , the stomach is the way to a man’s heart.

( this will probably never get to you but,)

Thank you for the good food in outram secondary
We wish that your mum-in-law has a speedy recovery so we can enjoy more of your food :p

Zander :’’D

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