You're kind
You're warm
You're thoughtful
You're innovative
You're responsible
You're humble
You're a fighter
You're consistent
Most of all,
You're impossible
[To reach]

And even if you're
The A-List epitome of
Apollo's descendant
I can't like you
[Or unlike you]
Because the world
Is not a wish-granting factory
And life tells me stop playing
Even if I haven't really
Step a foot in the game.

I can't like you not because
you're impossible to reach
but because everyone looks up
To you to be on that place
Where long ladder to success
Is no where to be found
or maybe it is torn to pieces
And can be found inside
The hearts of those who
think the same way.

I can't like you because
We are friends and it is as
if I will break a code
[If I haven't even broken it]
That transcribes to the
Portals of our camaraderie
And because I am a friend to one
Who wishes this maybe
Even more than me
And it will break another code
One that is sexist but
Popularized by that two-word movie
Into the strands of society
I am your friend and hers as well
And that is tangled.

I can't like you because
We are too alike
Even in the littlest things like
I can complete your sentences
And we share the same language
We bid the same reactions
We have the same taste
But maybe we we're not
The pieces cut for each other
Chiseled by a knife
But not to be together

They say all we have the fair chance in life
But maybe, this chance is not for me and you.

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