The big negative about football for the past couple of years has been football’s relationship with concussions. Over that past couple of years the discussion between football and head injuries has blown up. Former players have been having serious head and brain problems because of football, current players have been having problems, and future players will most likely have problems. In 2015 there was even a movie just about football and concussions called “Concussion” which featured Will Smith. If that doesn’t show that this controversy is receiving a lot of thought, then I don’t know what will. I have been playing football for years and I have had quite few times where my head has hurt after a play. I always just tough it out and the pain goes away. I feel fine in present day and feel very healthy. This relationship between football and head problems would never change my mind on playing. I recently asked my friend Evan, who received the worst type of concussion you can get, the question, “If you could go back to before the season, would you play or not?”. His answer was, “I would choose to play because the time I did play, I had so much fun.”. Mind you that he had to sit in a dark room and not watch tv or be on any electronics for a whole month after his injury. My point is that football may seem awful now a days and not safe, but football is more than that. It is a brotherhood where you work as a team, work towards a goal, make unbreakable bonds, and most importantly have fun. Concussions will never stop me from playing the great game of football.

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