Seven Helpful Items To Make Moving Easier

While you’re preparing to move, having the right items on hand ahead of time can help make the process faster, more organized, and less stressful. Here are a few different things to make your moving experience as easy as possible.

Shipping Supplies

Stocking up on shipping supplies such as boxes, packaging tapes, and markers for labeling can let you quickly organize your belongings based on what they are and where they will go. If you have fragile or delicate items, you will also want to purchase bubble wrap and pack them into small boxes so that the boxes aren’t too heavy.

Basic Hand Tools

Some of your belongings, such as furniture, shelving, and dressers, may need some disassembly before they can be moved easily. Having tools such as screwdrivers and heavy duty scissors will help. You can pick up kits at a hardware store that will include screwdrivers of different sizes. Having the right size tool can help a lot. Box cutters and Allen keys will also help, as some items may require those specialized tools to easily manage.

Snacks and Drinks

Staying hydrated and working on a full stomach can make packing and moving much easier for you and everyone else involved. It’s never fun to work on an empty stomach, so stock up on plenty of snacks and drinks beforehand to make sure there is enough for everyone. Healthy snacks such as granola bars and natural juices can keep everyone working happily and efficiently.

First Aid Kits

Minor injuries can happen easily while moving. Whether it’s a cut from a box cutter or a bruise from a heavy box, having a first aid kit available is important. Also, make sure you keep medicine securely stored and away from children.

Garbage Bags and Cleaning Supplies

Chances are you will want to throw away a lot of old things you may no longer need at your new home. Buy a new box of high-quality garbage backs to that you can discard what you’ll no longer need, which might include leftover packing materials. Stock up on cleaning supplies and paper towels too, so you can clean up quickly after packing.

Important Keys

Make sure you have all the necessary keys available while you’re moving. This can include keys for your current residence, your new home, and a self-storage unit if you have one. If you have any locks that require a keycode, you can write them down on a piece of paper so that you and others don’t have to worry about forgetting them.

Cell Phone Chargers

Communication is a very important part of moving and without it, the whole process can become very stressful. Being able to charge everyone’s cell phone can help ensure that you can all contact each other with questions. If you have a portable battery bank, keep that charged too in case one member of your moving party needs to charge their phone on the road.