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Yet another BS report from the loony left.

illegals ARE and ALWAYS WILL BE a drain on our resources. You can not tell me anchor baby mommas who spit out baby after baby after baby do not drain our resources. As for our economy tanking if illegals are sent home, we have MILLIONS of welfare slugs AND low security inmates that can do the jobs these illegals are doing. By these two groups doing the work, our taxes would go down, BECAUSE they are helping to pay their own way. Some of the jobs that illegals do would also go back to Americans who can no longer afford to do the jobs for the SLAVE WAGES that the illegals are getting. Roofers, painters, sheet rockers, laborers would be getting a living wage again.

If you have ANY clue about how economies work, you will see thru this supercilious report on illegals and their impact on our economy. Americans are being pushed out of White collar and now blue collar jobs. If you want to know who to blame, look no further than the liberals. You can see it in Europe, and you can see it here in our country.

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