Monday Night

The darkness consumes the room as the bed vanishes from beneath us. We lie there not saying a word, but the silence says more than we ever could. The light from the tv flickers, irradiating the room. With her in my arms, the double ended sword of her company reminds me this was a mistake. She’ll have to leave soon, taking a part of me with her and leaving a part of her with me. I stare at the clock wanting this moment to last forever but unfortunately, it’s time for her to go. Reluctantly she sits up, her back faces me and the light from the tv outlines her hair. She begins her departure from my bed to the bathroom. Retouching her makeup and fixing her hair, I gaze over wondering how I got so lucky. She turns around and asks “How do I look?” (Despite knowing I’ll answer the same every time) “beautiful as always” I say. She grins and gathers her things. Only being a few feet from my bedroom, we begin the long and grueling walk to the front door. Already counting down the days till I see her next, we arrive at the door. The three words that give me life, are the same ones that destroy me. “I love you” she tells me, walking out the door and disappearing into the darkness.

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