Soccer fields

Her hand fits within mine, I could say something corny like how it was like the puzzle piece I’ve been missing, but I’ll refrain from getting too sappy. Her hair was red with the bluest of eyes. According to that combination she’s the rarest minority in the world, with only one percent of people having both and somehow I ended up with her. As for me, I’m apart of the ten percent of the population that is left handed. Her red hair and blue eyes and my left handedness makes us a rebellious duo that seems to have been taken from a fiction book. Seated in my car located in the parking lot of an empty soccer field, we’re accompanied by the radio along with the smell of fast food and sweet tea placed in the cup holders. Eating our fancy dinner, we stare off into the dark abyss of the fields only being able to see the glimmer of the steel bleachers due to the street lights behind us. With the radio turned down but still audible, we exchange stories from our childhood and talk as if this is the last time we’ll see each other. Effortlessly we jump from one topic to another, talking about anything and everything. The only time the conversation stopped was due to a quick pause to take a sip of our sweet tea or to glance at the clock, making sure it wasn’t getting too late. The night grew older and our date began to expire. Turning on the headlights illuminating the once darkened field, I put the car into drive and we began the journey back to her house. I took the highway due to it being too close to eleven (the time she has to be home) instead of going the long way which allows me to spend a few extra minutes with her. Turning on to her street, I extinguish the headlights before reaching her house to keep from disturbing the neighbors. The car comes to a halt and we exchange our final words followed by a goodbye kiss. She exits the car closing the door slowly behind her, solidifying the end of our night together.