The Hypocrisy of the “Tolerant”: why the LGBT needs to accept conservatism

Hi, I’m Zane Goodell and I’m bisexual. I don’t usually make a big deal out of it because it’s not a very significant part of my identity. I’d rather be defined as a judoka, a homeschooler, a New Mexican and a fossil lover. Despite that, it is still part of me and I’ve had trouble coming to terms with it due to the agenda of the modern LGBT movement and how it represents its members.

My most recent judo tournament, getting my ass kicked

While I do think I was heterosexual at one point in my life I believe I eventually became bisexual due to cultural influences, association with many sexual minorities, deconstruction of sexual identity and desensitizing myself from my previous immediate dislike of men.

For the longest time I called myself “straight” or “heteroflexible” even though deep down I knew that I liked guys, even if just a little. This went on from when I was around 14 and lasted until I was 17 years old. Eventually I decided I’d just better come to terms with it because it was too confusing otherwise, and so I just took up the label of bisexual.

Urban Dictionary’s definition of heteroflexible

It was after this that I realized that one of the main reasons I was reluctant to give up my identity of heterosexuality was not because of “internalized homophobia”, but because of my dislike of the LGBT movement’s far left leaning agenda and goals. Then it dawned on me how absolutely ironic it was that the organization that was supposed to support me actually prevented me from coming to terms with my sexuality.

Politically I consider myself a libertarian or a voluntaryist, and I started developing that train of thought around 2012 during the presidential election between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama where I discovered the Libertarian Party and Gary Johnson. Before that, I considered myself a conservative purely because I had no idea that there was such a thing as libertarianism.

My major conflict with the modern LGBT community comes from their intolerance of people with conservative viewpoints. LGBT geared websites such as have called Peter Thiel “…not a gay man” because he served as an advisor on the Trump campaign. However, they do not point out the progress that he has achieved as a conservative gay man.

Peter Thiel spoke at the Republican National Convention, and his words were greeted with rousing applause by the largely conservative crowd. He has done much more to convince the right that sexual minorities are individuals that can warrant respect based on their achievements and values as people than the LGBT has in a decade.

Another example would be gay journalist and avid Trump supporter Milo Yiannopoulos. On they held a poll for “LGBTQ person of the year”, which they elaborated was “not necessarily the person best for gay rights, but the most significant person that year”.

Milo was included along with the likes of “the pulse nightclub victims” and “Ellen DeGeneres”, not as a popular gay conservative, but as a white nationalist, which he is not. In fact they did not acknowledge that he was gay on their website until he won the poll by a landslide after he shared it on his Facebook page.

Another issue is that they have abandoned many liberal values they’ve held in the past. Many LGBT and leftist organizations work on trying to ban Republican or anti-Islamist speakers from college campuses including Milo Yiannopolous, Dave Rubin, Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Christina Hoff Sommers; of whom the last two are self-proclaimed feminists, the first two are gay and the last three aren’t even Republicans.

The formerly liberal LGBT has entirely abandoned their love for freedom of speech that’s given rise to their own empowerment. Instead of culturing free speech and defeating ideas based on the merit of their argument, they try to silence their opposition.

In addition, many LGBT organizations are very anti-gun. I find this troubling because sexual minorities have been the victims of hate crimes for as long as sexual minorities have existed. I believe that we have every right to be able to defend ourselves and our families from potential attackers. In many places around the world, homosexual acts are still punished with public execution.

The way we prevent actions of tyranny and bigotry perpetrated by governments is by arming ourselves and opposing these actions. While we may not have to worry about it in progressive western countries, we should not take such a privileged look at ourselves and say “the government won’t hurt me, therefore we as a society don’t need guns” when government is hurting other people who must use self-defense to maintain their rights and freedom.

Homosexuality is still illegal in many countries. Map current as of 2014.

Another problem with the LGBT movement is their obsession with sexuality. They excuse many sexual public acts at pride parades and that only makes a bad example of the people they claim to support. As of right now, the LGBT proper does not condemn this behavior that effectively correlates being a sexual minority with being a sexual deviant. This is not helpful to sexual minorities because it causes them to be seen as “freaks” instead of “people”.

SM men at London Pride 2008

The LGBT community as a whole needs to learn how to tolerate and accept more conservative opinions, especially in a world where people from all walks of life are starting to accept themselves. They need to stop alienating the people they claim to support just because they align with a certain group that they personally do not agree with.

When a person comes from an intolerant culture, hoping to be accepted, only to be cast out and excluded by the LGBT movement for another part of their identity, that does a lot to destroy a person from the inside which can lead to depression and suicide.

Many bisexual people experience this kind of dilemma because to many in the gay-community bisexuality is viewed as just a stepping stone to homosexuality. We’re also viewed as “not really gay” because we can pass as straight. Also, there are many that would deny that we exist entirely!

While not all or even most leaders in the LGBT movement feel hatred towards conservatives or don’t believe in bisexuality, enough of them are ignoring these issues and thus allowing blatant intolerance to ingrain itself within our group. Being gay or bi or trans or anything is not limited to any one group of people. I personally know many gay and bisexual conservatives and liberals who are fed up with how the LGBT movement represents them as well as others.

If the LGBT movement would try to raise up positive, loving conservative voices, it could do a lot to mend the divide between conservative and leftist cultures and allow people with homophobic views to learn that we’re normal, perfectly reasonable people who only want to share love and respect.

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