Black Hair Disaster! Bae was in charge of doing my hair…

We survived a hair disaster and laughed about it

My bae and I loved road trips. This particular trip was very important to me because I had an exciting appointment in Durban. I was nervous about travelling alone and naturally bae would be my travel partner. He got here just in time after a few hiccups along the way and by early morning we were ready to go.

We had a four hour trip ahead of us but it was nothing compared to the sheer excitement of travelling together. I was looking forward to being his tour guide since he had never traveled on that route before.

He was aware that I was concerned about my hair and he just took it lightly and was even laughing about it.

“Relax babe, I will find someone to fix your hair. There is this guy I know in Durban and he has dreads too”. I trusted his sweet smile!

So bae made calls ahead and got a number of his guy’s hair stylist and told him we were on the way. We continues our trip in a relatively jovial mood until we reached Durban.

When we got there, we started calling the guy and trying to find him. I was getting anxious about the time because my appointment was in the afternoon.

It took longer than expected to locate the guy but I panicked when I first saw him. I was going to trust my hair to a stranger.

Bae was so excited that he had done well. I was looking at him with a nervous smile as we followed this guy through unknown streets to his work area. On the way we saw hair being sold on the streets and I was jumpy because of a documentary about people that steal hair or cut off snippets off while styling you and you don’t even notice.

It turns out the guy’s ‘salon’ was a chair on the sidewalk at the entrance of a tattoo palour. Bae was unfazed! He had this infectious excitement that just puts everyone at ease.

I had a giant knot in my stomach but decided to be brave because there was no turning back. I let them wash my hair and bae decided to have a haircut. I kept looking at the door wising he would come back.

After a few minutes he came out smiling and I breathed out in relief that he was ok and no visible tattoos. I would check him out later.

I was now ready to be on that sidewalk chair to do crocheting to my hair. I had never seen it done before and was never ready! It was such a painful shock to the system but I put on a brave face.

Bae decided to leave me there and go shopping because it was going to take two hours. I wanted to cry and run after him but it was going to be super awkward.

I let this guy pull my hair and just decided to focus on talking to him. I learnt that he was from Zimbabwe and they were Rastafarians working on that street as a group. He said sometimes the landlords will chase them away but they always come back because they need the work.

I have this generous heart that just melts at the thought of helping another person. I sat on my torture chair and kept talking.

When bae came back all I wanted to do was tell him to rescue me and we would make a run for it. I remembered the appointment where I cannot show up looking like a drowned rat and I swallowed my pain.

The worst part of this ordeal was the styling when I discovered that this guy had no idea how to pull all this hair together in a finished look. He kept pulling and twisting my hair until I almost screamed.

Finally it was done. He brought out a mirror and my heart sank. It was horrible on a scale of 1 to 100, it was a solid minus fifty. We were now late. I asked bae what he thought and he said;

“You look beautiful babe”.Men!

We literally ran back to the car so I can quickly change and we drove to the appointment. Mission accomplished on my man’s mind.

Later that day, we went to relax at the beach but I could feel my head was on fire from the pain of the hairstyle.

Later on it was a trip to the Casino but when we got there the pain was becoming unbearable. I just needed strong painkillers. When I told him this he was very confused.

Needless to say, the night of fun was over because I just wanted to sleep.

Several weeks later, he found me another stylist who looked at my hair in shock and said the magic words;

“I can fix it”!

You did good babe..

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