It’s just a number!

Says a guy flirting with an older woman…

“Older women are great because they already know what they want out of life”


As I looked up to see this guy standing next to me at the party, he whispered this line to me and I just ignored him. He could not understand why I was not jumping for joy at his unwelcome intrusion.

I was doing my best to survive for an hour or two until I could politely bid farewell to my host. These kind of events always left me a bit uncomfortable because I’m no social butterfly. Keeping a low profile is my thing.

This guy had been staring at me since I arrived. I noticed him because he was very well dressed.Nice hands too!He looked good and just a tad too young for me.

I had been doing well in my corner, sipping my drink and thinking of the next subject for my blog. Looking very busy on my phone is useful as a deterrent for would-be suitors who descend on any female who appears to be alone.It looked like I had struck out with this one.

Putting on a charming smile, I was ready to send him off but I then felt my mischievous side kick in. I smiled sweetly at him and asked him for more information on dating older ladies or being what is commonly known as a ‘Ben10’ on his part.

The guy was in his element at he took this as an invitation to sit next to me and share his insight on the dating game.

You see, these young women want a lot of money. Today you are paying for hair, tomorrow she wants to go out to expensive places or to buy handbags, nails, etc..I know older women are less of a hustle, they are mature and understanding.

Granted, the guy was very cute but I didn't subscribe to this philosophy. As a mature single woman, I am nobody’s retirement village. I feel that a man who is able to spoil a woman to no ends should be spoiling me too. It matters not that I can afford a few things but if you are into showing your love that way, consistency is key.

My would be suitor was unfazed by my attitude and continued to try and get me to agree to a date. Insisting that he knew how to treat a lady.

Could I? I am single after all…just for research!

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