The Volkswagen Polo TSI 1.2 : A review by a long-distance driving working mom!

I used to think I would be the last person to love a small car!

A few years ago, seventeen years to be exact, I was involved in an car accident as a passenger in a small car. We were swept off the road by a truck and landed onto the oncoming traffic lane. The driver was critically injured but we both survived. The car was a write off. Since that day, I developed a phobia for small cars. In my mind, I would be safer in something big and fast so that I can see danger early or outrun it using a bigger engine!

It is not as if I have not driven a small car before but I did it out of necessity or purely due to a very tight budget. I felt safer driving my VW Jetta III 2.8 VR6 or the VW Jetta III 2.0 and later on the VWGolf III 1.8. Thus my love affair with the Volkswagen car was born!All these great cars were black as I was convinced the color made the car more beautiful.

Lately, I had to revise my opinion on the small car. The change of heart came after I had to drive over 20 VW Polo TSI’s. You see, my job requires me to travel at least 600km or more per week to different destinations. The cars are supplied by a rental company.One day they delivered a Polo TSI to me and I fell instantly in love with it.

This version of the Polo is not only beautiful but a fashion accessory as well. It is easier to drive compared to the other cars I have driven in the past. The TSI is so user friendly that I made it a point to request it for each and every trip. I like the steering wheel, the seats,the sound of the engine,the space inside, the boot, the radio and all the built in bells and whistles.

My favorite part is that it doesn't stall at the traffic lights! I know this says a lot about the driver; but, being naturally nervous in traffic, I sometimes forget to change to lower gear so that I can start off smoothly. Nothing is as annoying as the dirty looks a lady gets when restarting a car at the traffic lights. They suck, finish and klaar!It felt great driving a car that finally had my back. I felt safe as I drove it.

I’m no race car driver.I am naturally conservative and would rather be late than speed. This Polo is so easy to drive, sooner than I thought, I was speeding like Michael Schumacher in his hey days. I was overtaking trucks uphill and changing lanes with ease. As a confident driver, the fast lane became my terrain when I was late for a meeting or the day I almost missed my flight to East London!

Overall, I believe wholeheartedly that the Volkswagen Polo TSI 1.2 is a great car for ladies.It provides value for money! This time around, my color is white-pure like the TSI…

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