Who is your S.L.A?

You know back in the day, guys used to have the little black book that had contact numbers of girls that were available for a booty call should the need arise. Fast forward to 2017, books no longer feature because of smartphones and social media platforms that make communication easier,more private and faster.

Relations between a man and a woman have also become more businesslike with a lot of contracts that are signed to formalize the couples union. At times though, it is the informal contracts that are more interesting like the S.L.A or Service Level Agreement.This is an unspoken,unwritten understanding to provide sex on demand to a partner and it usually has no expiry date. Some of these agreement last for years and even continue until one partner is married. A friend put it into perspective for me in this way:

“A person you can shag with no-strings attached.It works better if you are both busy and career orientated..’’

The benefits of this kind of contract are purely physical with minimal financial involvement and no emotional attachment. The other party knows why they are being called and provides the required service with no fuss or drama. In my friend’s case, the contract ended when the girl fell in love and got married after a whole two years of taking care of his needs.

It seems ladies also have a guy that’s just a phone call, inbox or WhatsApp away and ready to provide the er..necessary service while not letting on to the potential husbands the actual size of their libido. The interesting part is that this S.L.A is just one guy or girl who is part of the circle of friends and gives a colorful meaning to the term friends with benefits. This makes it easier to continue into the marriage if hubby or wife dearest is not delivering as expected.

Yes, there is a way around every obstacle. Some S.L.As even outlive the traditional marriage.

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