Is Julia Serano right that transwomen are female?

This could have been a good, critical analysis of her article, but instead you mainly used the same old arguments and language that I’ve only ever heard from the TERF community. “Brain sex”? I’ve never once seen a trans person use this term. I have seen it numerous times from TERFs on tumblr, though.

I also don’t know of any trans people who say that being intersex and trans are the same thing, or even similar. We tend to simply point out the existence of intersex people to those who say things like, “XX is female, XY is male, there is nothing else,” when there certainly is.

I also don’t know any trans people who say that a person’s sex changes when they go through transition. We don’t need a chart to remind us that our chromosomes will never change, we know this. Transition isn’t about changing your sex, it’s about relieving gender dysphoria. Many trans people admit themselves that their gender and sex are not the same. I personally do not, because I really don’t see any practical reason to call myself a female when I know I’m a man. If it’s appropriate for the conversation, I call myself assigned female at birth or a trans guy. That gets the point across crystal clear. If I’m talking about reproductive rights, I say people with vaginas/uteri and that also seems to work fine for that context. If I’m just talking about women then I say women. I feel that we are advanced enough as human beings to understand that different contexts may warrant different language.

I’m tired of this same old hyperbolic rhetoric that claims that if we adapt our language to be inclusive of trans people, it will lead to the government “destroying biological science, persecuting women, and imprisoning and killing people.” Is that the same government that’s trying to pass laws to keep us out of public restrooms? The same government that’s about to ban us from the military? It seems you live in a different world than I do, where these so-called “trans activists” have massive influence over the public. You know that most of the world isn’t reading up on transgender discourse and they already don’t support us, right?

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