6 Ways to Get the Most Out of Uber

More and more people are using Uber for a fast and convenient way to get around. But are we really using Uber to it’s full potential? Here are 6 ways to get the most out of your ride-sharing experience!

  1. Have Them Drive You To Wisconsin

One complaint many Uber passengers have is that Uber drivers don’t care about good service, and are just looking to make money. Why not put that relationship to the test? A road trip to America’s Dairyland is sure to be a great bonding experience!

2. Have Them Help You Move

No Uber driver has ever minded when I walked to their car with a suitcase or backpack. Why would an armoire or dining room set be any different? Load up that Mazda with as much of your apartment furnishings as geometry and physics will allow and have them drive you to the next chapter of your life!

3. Ask Them for Opinions on Your Mixtape

Uber drivers usually don’t mind if you pick the music. Use this as an opportunity for some much needed feedback on your new mixtape. Hot or not? Let Niko in the blue Toyota Prius decide!

4. Use It To Lull Little Baby Miles to Sleep

Miles not want to go down for his nap, again? Everyone knows car rides make babies pass right the hell out. Grab and Uber and drive around the block 3 or 19 times. He’ll get to dreamland right away!

5. Use Uber Cheat Codes

If you type (Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A) into the Uber App, the driver gives you a gold coin that you can exchange for sex with any celebrity you choose!

6. Free Bagels

Every Uber has at least 3 fresh bagels in the glove box at all times. Sit up front next time and help yourself!

Stick with these Uber hacks and pretty soon you’ll be a pro!

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