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The writer lost my interest about 1/2 through and I only skimmed the rest and a few comments but I get the impression that the article likely says more about the writer than anything else.

I think Ben is completely hetero and he does not hold any ill will toward gay people. His comment at the time was quiet reasonable, especially for a straight 24 year actor of the time. Finding out he said that does not change my luke-warm opinion of him at all — he’s still a fairly handsome/sexy man and has a sense of humor and seems like a good father and husband for his family.

One thought about the aversion to seeing gays kiss — part of that would be the shock of seeing something so unexpected and unfamiliar and the mind is likely trying to sort out the shift in the paradigm of the expected. I would guess that if those study subjects were then shown pictures of gays kissing every day for some time and their brain had time to actually look over the images (instead of quicker flashes in a slide show) and become familiar with them, their reactions would not be notable in a second study. Of course, if I’m shown a picture of maggots, my mind goes into panic mode — what the hell is that, how many are there, what are they doing, they’re ugly & creepy. I suspect that if I were in very different living conditions where I came across maggots doing their thing and/or were raised in those conditions, I would just think, “oh, heck, more maggots to avoid or clean up.” The shock value just won’t be there.

Oh, I’d be much more offended by the writer’s comparison of gay rights to hippy hair length and tattoos. Hair length is a matter of fashion and the objection of parents to hippy hair likely had much more to do with objecting to the rebellion in their children and the fear of how their children would make out in their lives & careers. Ditto for tattoos. Gay rights, on the other hand, are human rights. People can grow out of a stage and easily change their hair style, pull down their shirt sleeves to cover a tatt or even have it removed, but gays are going to be gay until the very end.

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