In the last five years, I have had more doctor visits where I experienced a bias than not. Lucky for me I do not get sick that often and thus, do not have to go to the doctor frequently. But there have been times where a routine visit has ended in me arguing with the nurse practitioner because her bias really bothered me.

Let me provide you with an example: While assessing me, the nurse practitioner asked, “how many children do you have?” Vs. “Do you have any children?” Then, “how many abortions have you had?” Vs. “Have you had any abortions?” As someone who is a trained clinician with years of experience assessing clients in a culturally competent way…I was shocked by her lack of competence. …

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September is World Alzheimer’s month.

My great-grandmother had Alzheimer’s. Based on stories, she seems like she was a strong, independent woman. It’s sad to know that Alzheimer’s took her life. I can recall stories of her being lost in Los Angeles while family members frantically searched for her. I remember the stories of her traveling to her home state of Alabama and not waiting for her ride at the airport because she forgot that she had a ride.

I often wonder if there is a gene in my family line that predisposes me to the disease. Can I be doing brain exercises now that boost my chances of not getting the disease? Are there certain foods that I can avoid that will lessen my chances of this diagnosis? Sadly, I know many other people asking themselves similar questions based on caring for a family member with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. …

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The other morning I picked up a newly purchased box of plastic trash bags and felt bad. When did I get away from using biodegradable trash bags? What happened to my commitment to the environment?

It all happened when I moved to a community that no longer recycled. …

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