“Empires (of your mind)”

In your mind

You might feel

As if you might

Just be the only person

Who deserves it all.

But step out

Step out of the ivory tower

The gilded power

The assistance given

Pro Bono, to you,

By wealth.

Turn onwards,

Inwards, or are those

Words too big for you

To consider

Sitting in your mouth

Hard like a rock

Too much to understand?

Let me put it in pictures then,

Brightly lit pastiches

For a firebrand.

The Wolves of Rome

Fell in one day

No, it took eighty years

Or more

For the purple to be stained

By the fear, the red

And the smoke;

Mercenaries replacing soldiers

Powers becoming bolder

That in one’s assumption

Momentary ego

It would be easier to say

Than to Do,

To fire the pyre

Taint the pure

With the allure

Of Freedom, greatness,

oh, the places you could go!

Such a thought,

Isn’t it? To be on a chair

Above the world,

There you lour

lower than low

You go, hoping that

By diving into the pond

You stop the blind

From seeing the muck

You choose to side

And the deeper you dig

The more crud you will find,

And with the turn of

The oldest political trick

It’s just a gimmick-

Blame it on one half

Of the other country.

Let the people fight

Amongst themselves

While you find ardent glory.

That’s how politics works.

That’s how you write your story.

Turn inwards.

What’s ardent glory

Least to you?

Is it wearing the robes and lace

The elegance of money

the cheer of the human race

Which gives you no high

That anything else could

Give you whole?

Yes, yes. Blame those on the dole

Recycle their bones

Toss the water of those

Who saw hope in your fire

And threw their last tick

Of a vote

Watching all of it go to smoke-

Smite them.

Smite them all,

Crush the empire

To have your name

Your stamp,

Go down in history

That you will, in the books

For a reason that sits

Hard in your throat.

In your mind

Know how a choice

Is defined,

For a cycle repeats

And thrives-

That’s how despots

See themselves

as heroes

And why Martyrs try

To stay alive.